Strange and unknown facts about 13 US Presidents that may surprise you

2 John Quincy Adams Liked Skinny Dipping

Oops!! Who would that imagined that one and in the Potomac no less. As the Potomac was close to the White House, Adams skinny dipped in the river daily at 5am sharp. He was also the first president to have his photograph taken but lucky for him he had on his clothes.

John Quincy Adams

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3 Andrew Jackson Taught His Pet Parrot To Curse

During his Funeral, the parrot had to be removed from the building because of his foul mouth and cursing loud enough for the whole white house to hear.

Andrew Jackson Taught His Pet Parrot To Curse

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4 Martin Van Buren Popularized The Phrase “OK.”

Martin Van Buren was nicknamed ‘Old Kinderhook’ while campaigning in 1840. Kinderhook was his birthplace so his supporters formed a club and called it the OK club. This was the oldest written reference to the term OK.

Martin Van Buren

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