Strange and unknown facts about 13 US Presidents that may surprise you


Everybody has sometime in their cupboard to hide, Presidents included. You may be having a fetish just like any other person who may enjoy sleeping wearing a tie or like some who prefer keeping a turtle named Beethoven; every person is freaky in some small way. But it would be most interesting to find out how weird our Presidents were. Here are 13 strange facts about Presidents you never knew about.

1 George Washington Dentures Made From Ivory

Endangered species be damned, in those days, ivory was status, George Washington’s dentures were made from hippopotamus ivory fitted with gold springs and brass screws. Washington had just one remaining good tooth so the dentist carved a hole in the dentures to create space for it.

George Washington

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2 John Quincy Adams Liked Skinny Dipping

Oops!! Who would that imagined that one and in the Potomac no less. As the Potomac was close to the White House, Adams skinny dipped in the river daily at 5am sharp. He was also the first president to have his photograph taken but lucky for him he had on his clothes.

John Quincy Adams

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3 Andrew Jackson Taught His Pet Parrot To Curse

During his Funeral, the parrot had to be removed from the building because of his foul mouth and cursing loud enough for the whole white house to hear.

Andrew Jackson Taught His Pet Parrot To Curse

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4 Martin Van Buren Popularized The Phrase “OK.”

Martin Van Buren was nicknamed ‘Old Kinderhook’ while campaigning in 1840. Kinderhook was his birthplace so his supporters formed a club and called it the OK club. This was the oldest written reference to the term OK.

Martin Van Buren

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5 James Buchanan Remained A Bachelor

The 15th president of the USA never married; he was also the only president to be elected from the state of Pennsylvania which was a probable coincidence.

James Buchanan

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6 Ulysses. S. Grant Received Was Penalized For Speeding

Speeding? Was he driving some futuristic dragster? No!! He received speeding tickets for driving his horse and buggy too fast. It was also confiscated into police custody all because the cops were unaware if they should be penalizing a sitting president or not. So they decided to act within the law. Grant’s paid the fine but still had to walk back home.

Ulysses. S. Grant

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7 Grover Cleveland Married His Ward

Grover Cleveland was guardian of Frances Folsom who was 27 years his junior. Frances became the ward of Cleveland when she was 11 years old upon death of her father who was Cleveland’s law partner. They ultimately married and became the first president to marry in the White House.

Grover Cleveland

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8 Woodrow Wilson Was A Ph.D.

He was also the only president with that qualification. The 28th president of the US was also Princeton University’s president for 9 years from 1902. Apart from the doctorate, he also earned 33 honorary degrees.

Woodrow Wilson Was A Ph.D

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9 Warren Harding Lost the White House China in a Card Game

Harding was one of the worst US presidents on record. He was also bad at playing cards and lost the White House china in a single hand. Rumor has it that his wife poisoned him to death saving him from the disgrace of continued scandals.

Warren Harding

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10 Calvin Coolidge’s Weird Morning Ritual

Among the strangest facts about presidents was Calvin Coolidge’s fetish!!! Coolidge would rub Vaseline on his forehead every morning while eating breakfast. Now that’s weird.

Calvin Coolidge’s Weird Morning Ritual

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11 Ronald Reagan’s Stand-Up Routine with Chimpanzees

Fresh from the success of his 1951 movie Bedtime for Bonzo that used real chimps, Reagan the 40th president of the US also performed a stand-up routine with a line of chimpanzees at the Last Frontier casino on February 15, 1954.

Ronald Reagan’s Stand-Up Routine with Chimpanzees

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12 George W. Bush Was a Cheerleader in School

Not just a cheerleader, he was captain of the school cheerleading team!! America’s 43rd president was good at baseball but he was also a football fan and became a dedicated cheerleader at his prep school, The Phillips Academy.

George W. Bush Was a Cheerleader in School

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13 Barack Obama Is Comic Book Fan

This may not qualify among strange fact about presidents but still it’s nice to know that the current president is a comic book nerd who loves his collection of Spiderman, Conan the barbarian and possibly even Archie comics. He has also not missed reading a single Harry Potter book.

Barack Obama Is Comic Book Fan

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