12 Unknown Facts About Fast-Food Restaurants Known Only By Employees

9Even one milkshake is too much

Milk shakes are probably a minefield of sugar. A milkshake has 70 grams of sugar which is far beyond the normal daily intake. Also, they contain vegetable fats which are difficult to digest and screw us up.


Image Source: viettimes.vn

10When paying in terminals, customers spend more money

The payment terminals were introduced for customer convenience so that they do not need to stand in line for their orders, but these are smart marketing gimmicks as all the items are priced higher in these self-order terminals. So, what was advertised as comfort for the customers turned out to be money-making tool for the chains instead.


Image Source: www.theworlds50best.com

11Free gifts for children

Did you know that in every McDonald’s you can get a free gift for your child? You need to approach the staff of McDonald’s and ask for PDP souvenirs in order to get the “free” gifts for your kid. These could be gifts like puzzles, stickers, magnets or games.


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12The McFlurry cup’s shape was changed because of hedgehogs

Before its present design the hole in the cup was bigger and comfortable which led to unfortunate tragedies for hedgehogs. They are the biggest mc flurry fans after humans and lick the ice-cream residue and leftover in discarded cups but as they stick their head inside the cups they can’t get out and get stuck. Almost 10 hedgehogs in Scotland were sent to hospital with cups stuck on their heads. To save them from future misery McDonald changed the design of the lids which are safer for the poor animals.


Image Source: incrivel.club


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