12 Unknown Facts About Fast-Food Restaurants Known Only By Employees

5Cold drinks make you want to eat

A medium-sized cola or any cold drinks in any of the food chains usually costs lesser than the regular cup of tea or coffee and it has nothing to do with the manufacturing costs. When you drink cold sodas on an empty stomach it tends to make you hungry and you order more food, the same is applicable to salty ships and crisps well. So rather go for a cup of hot tea and coffee and order fries’ sans the salt.


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6Free water is only for customers

Free water is only for the customers who have already placed an order already and not for anyone else. In fact, the staff are instructed to refuse free water in some cases. Of course, some humane employees will give you free water but they do not need to and are allowed to refuse as well.


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7The optimal time for visiting fast-food restaurants

It may sound counter-intuitive to visit the chains when they are teaming with customers but trust me that’s the time when you can get the fresh out of the oven food. Usually, the busiest hours are 11:30 am to 2 pm and 5-7 pm in the evenings.


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Busy restaurants mean fresher food

Since there are lots of customers, the food is cooked fast and sold out which means you can be served fresh food. Also, there are some mystery shoppers who pay surprise visits at this time to check the quality of food so the staff is extra careful and give the best service.


8Oatmeal is not actually “health food”

Fast food chains have added “healthy food” in their menus such as oatmeal and salads recommended by nutritionists. But when you team it up with a fatty juicy burger with a “healthy” salad you are consuming high calories because of the fillings in it. Veggies used in salads and oatmeal contain more calories than your average chicken burger as they contain 33 grams of sugar. So, starting your day with overdose of sugar can never be healthy.

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