12 Unknown Facts About Fast-Food Restaurants Known Only By Employees

The world has been taken over by fast-food giants simply because not everyone can afford to dine in a swanky restaurant all the time. Besides, fast food joints are fast, cheap and tasty. Mc Donald’s alone feeds about 68 million people every day! But fast food isn’t all that healthy and there is also much you dint know regarding the process by which fast-food restaurants run their business. Here are some of the lesser-known facts about fast food canters which only the employees know.


1The weird McFlurry spoon

Why is the Mc flurry spoon so weirdly shaped? This is because it has everything to do with the way the flurry is made which is basically putting the ice cream first and then the fillers, after which the spoon is added. The fat hollow square-topped spoon is then attached to a mixer that cleanly mixes the yummy ice-cream without spilling a drop out of the cup.

Image Source: tin247.com


2The cup itself reveals the kind of drink that’s inside

Hot drinks like tea or coffee cup has lids with 3 dots on top which is used in most of the fast-food joints and cafes. This is for the convenience of the customers as well as staff. And as a rule one of the bumps is pressed which makes it easier for the staff to identify which drinks belongs to whom and there is no mistake in serving as well its easier for you to know your specific drink when you are there with your friends and won’t open some else’s cup by mistake.

Image Source: enigma.ua


3But not all the cups fast-food chains use are safe.

Cheap roadside cafes still serve you coffee or tea in open Styrofoam cups, they are bad for you and the environment. These cups are made of foam polystyrene, which when heated becomes toxic for us and also these cups are hard to recycle. You can recognise the materials by the markings on its body or the base of the cup-like “PS” or number 6 etched in triangle.

Image Source: viettimes.vn


4It is better not to be the very first customer in a coffee shop

In order to avoid the morning rush and the queues many people prefer going early and be the first customers so that they can get faster service but it’s not a good idea. Usually, this is the time when all the machines and dispensers are being cleaned with special detergents and chemicals which can easily seep into your first cup of latte. This is horrible in taste and can lead to food poisoning.

Image Source: incrivel.club


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