15 Strange and Unknown Facts about Ancient Egypt That Will Surprise You

We usually imagine a number of pyramids when we think of Ancient Egypt. We do know that Egyptians invented paper apart from watching mummies and pharaohs tombs which have been displayed in many films. But our school teachers have surely not told us many things about Ancient Egypt. There is much to know about ancient Egypt that many of us don’t even know about for instance, we see in many movies and pictures that pharaohs are depicted as these larger than life fit people but in reality, they weren’t. Let’s take a look at the many faces of ancient Egypt that we thought you may find interesting and surprising too.


1They used lipstick made from crushed insects

Scale insects or cochineal would be crushed and red carminic acid was extracted from them which were essential components of their make-up.  Nowadays to produce make-up, women don’t have to extract carmine dye like Cleopatra. You don’t even have to boil and crush insects for applying lipstick.

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2Slaves were used as bait by Pharaohs to get rid of flies

The lives of Ancient Egyptians were spoiled by flies much more in comparison to our generation. King Pepi II used to make his slaves cover themselves in honey to become bait for flies, while in our generation there are varieties of creams and sprays. Not so nice Pharaohs after all.

Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

3Tombs were decorated like homes with supplies and food

The afterlife was given a lot of consideration by the Egyptians. It was believed that after a person died, they would continue to live in another life while needing all the objects and properties which they owned in their previous life. After being mummified into their tombs, their favorite pets, slaves, drinks, foods, make-up products and utensils were also placed there and sealed along with the Pharaoh’s remains. That’s a bit gruesome though.

Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

4Pharaohs had problems with obesity

Pharaoh’s have been displayed as fit and healthy people in many films depicting ancient Egypt. But X-ray analysis has been performed on mummies by many scientists who showed that pharaohs and other rich Egyptians were unhealthy and fat. Their foods mainly consisted of alcohol, carbs and saturated fats which lead to many health problems and obesity.

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5Proctologists were in high demand

Good medicines were available to the Egyptians because of their sources during their time. Ophthalmologists, dentist and surgeons were also present during their generation. One of the most popular doctors were Proctologists. Pharaohs and other rich people spent most of their time eating and drinking so their health was always an issue. Enteroclysis and enemas were common needs during that period.  The pharaoh’s digestive tract and oral care was taken care of by a single doctor as a few proctologists were also dentists.

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