Some unique ways of using the ordinary Lip Balm you might not be aware of


Chapped lips and the lip balm go hand in hand. But did you know that this ordinary lip balm has a lot more to offer other than just keep your lips moist? Yes, you read it right! We bring to you a list of the miraculous cures and unique ways of using the lip balm.

1 It Helps Soothe an Irritated Nose During Cold

An onslaught of a bad cold can kick you off balance leaving your nose highly irritated and bruised due to the continuous wiping and clearing of mucous. Here is where a lip balm can come in handy. All you have to do is run your finger over the tube of lip balm and gently apply it over the affected areas. This soothes and protects the skin from cuts and rashes.

Irritated Nose During Cold

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2 It Helps Soothe and prevent Shoe Bites

When you find your shoes pinching your skin turning it sore and painful, using a lip balm on the affected area can help prevent cuts and blisters, soothing the area in a jiffy.

Soothe and prevent Shoe Bites

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3 Prevents Spillage on skin while colouring Hair at Home

Want to keep your forehead off of colour while colouring your hair at home? Simply apply a layer of lip balm on your hairline so that the colour does not slip off of the hairline onto your forehead creating a mess.

Compulsive behaviour

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4 Static Hair Issues can be tackled effectively

Flyway unruly static hair can create a mess on your face. One simple hack would be to simply run your fingers on the lip balm and apply it on your hair to keep them in place.

Hair Issues can be tackled effectively

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5 Handy Eye Cream

Dark circles under the eyes or puffy eyes can be attended to in emergency by applying lip balm in the affected areas when eye creams are unavailable.

Handy Eye Cream

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6 Dislodge Sticker Residue

Get rid of sticker residues from the area by applying a coat of lip balm, wait for 10 minutes and gently wipe away the loosened residue from the area along with the balm.

Dislodge Sticker Residue

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7 Free a Stuck Zipper

Your jacket has a stuck zipper which won’t separate or move? Here is a hack for you. Apply a dash of lip balm onto the area and watch the stuck zipper gently free and slide off.

So the ordinary lip balm isn’t so simple after all. One must keep in mind to use the plain lip balm while trying the above mentioned hacks. So make it a point to throw in a tube of the miraculous lip balm into your purse as you step out of your home.

Free a Stuck Zipper

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