15 Amazingly Unique Things That Only 1% People Can Do

Some people are blessed with strange….powers. They may not exactly be powers but are some sort of skill. They can do certain things with their bodies that other people cannot. No one decides who get what power or skill. This depends purely on nature and combinations of genes.


Today we have made a list of some things that only a few people can do. They may seem easy to you but are actually really hard. Don’t try to do them as you will only be frustrated. Everyone is special in their own ways but these people are surely a tiny bit more special.

1Talking while breathing in

Try this, take a deep breath and try to talk while doing it. Can you? If you can then you belong to that 1% of people who can. For many people, this may seem like an impossible task as they can only perform one action at a time. They can either talk or breathe in but not both together. Musicians are among the people who can do this trick.

Image Source: www.meh.ro

2Working your ring finger independently

Try doing this, place your palm on a table with your middle finger bent in. Place your remaining fingers which are your thumb, index, ring and pinky finger on the table. Now try to lift each finger individually! You will succeed in moving three out of the four fingers.  You may not be able to move your ring finger. If you can, then you’re gifted.

Image Source: medicasm.ru

3Lick your elbow

This used to be a kindergarten trick some kids would use to impress their friends but in reality, many people even in their adult life cannot reach their elbows with their tongues. It’s a simple trick, bend your arm so your elbow is exposed and try to reach it with your tongue. Some people can do it as their necks stretch a bit more than others.

Image Source: ytimg.com

4Raise one eyebrow

If you try this now you might succeed but we’re not talking about a simple few inches raised eyebrow, we’re talking about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s raised eyebrow. How high can you raise them? As high as the ‘People’s Champ’? No? Don’t worry, we can’t either. Most of the times while trying to raise one eyebrow we raise the other as well.

Image Source: narvii.com

5Tickle yourself

We know there are some people who are super ticklish and cannot handle even a slight tickling. But did you know that there are some people who can tickle themselves? Yes, tickling is something that happens when someone touches your skin without warning that gives you a ticklish feeling. This isn’t supposed to happen when you do it to yourself.

Image Source: itvnet.lv

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