Unique Things Found In Japanese Apartments That Can Terrify and Delight The Tourists

Japan has always been famous for its unique culture and distinctive traditions. Some common customs in Japan include bathing without a bathtub, not boiling water in the kettles, and sticking close to their ceilings. The Land of the Rising Sun has a great reputation for being the most creative and innovative country in the world. However, it can be difficult to digest how Japanese apartments are arranged. Here are specialties of Japanese apartments and houses that bring both horror and joy to foreigners:


1 Some folks use a ‘bamboo wife’ or a special pillow

When it comes to East Asians, the use of a “bamboo wife,” or a hollow bamboo tube, is very common. Some people sleep with human-shaped bamboo, which they prefer over real pillows. According to reports, they prefer such pillows because a real pillow hug can be very uncomfortable or unpleasant for them in the hot and moist climate of these countries, especially at night. These unusual pillows can be used for sleep and rest. Because these pillows have an open structure, they can be extremely cool to the touch compared to normal pillows.

Bamboo wife in Japan

Image Source: livejournal.com


2Japanese apartments do not have entryways because they have a genkan

Entryways in the world seem to be quite different when you take a look at the entryways in Japanese apartments. The apartments have ‘Genkan,’ which is a special zone near the front door. Japanese use Genkan to leave and remove their shoes. Genkan is usually separated from the main room or the main hall. This special zone doesn’t let the dust and dirt get into the apartment. That’s really smart but very weird. However, Genkan can be a combination of a doormat and a porch.

Japanese apartments do not have entryways

Image Source: www.accessible-japan.com


3Many people in Japan prefer mattresses to sleep, not beds

Despite all unusual things, you can find futon beds more in Japanese apartments. Many Japanese people prefer thick cotton mattresses known as futon beds instead of normal home beds. Futons can be laid on the floor and can also get removed. After using futons overnight, they put them in a closet in the morning. Futons become a space-saving option for them. Most Japanese apartments are extremely compact and do not have enough room for a bed or couch. Some hotels also prefer fusion over regular room beds.

People in Japan prefer mattresses to sleep

Image Source: socio-corp.jp


4Almost all Japanese kitchens have a secret place

Though kitchens around the world are cautiously constructed to meet all space requirements, Japanese kitchens have a unique feature. Kitchens in Japan are not weird at all, but they certainly have a secret space. It is reported that Japanese kitchens have additional space for storing utensils, bottles, and foo. Startlingly, this secret space is not built on the walls, but right into the floor. Would you call it a smart move? Tell us in the comments section.

Almost all Japanese kitchens have a secret place

Image Source: brightside.me


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