Unidentified Facts That You Don’t Know About Ancient Egyptians

5Ancient Egyptian cat owners shaved off their eyebrows to mourn the cat’s death

In ancient Egypt, cats were believed to be highly sacred as they found cats important for bringing good fortune in the family. Not only deceased cats got mummified but also the owners of cats shaved off their eyebrows to mourn their deaths. When the family cats were deceased, each member of the family would trim off their eyebrows to grieve its death.

Ancient Egyptian cat owners shaved off their eyebrows

Image Source: quora.com

6Ancient Egyptian women and men wore ample amounts of makeup

In the present age, male performers wear makeup, and it’s not uncommon for sure. But how would you react if you know ancient Egyptian man and woman wore makeup? Women would use henna to dye their fingernails and hands, and they would use red paint to color their cheeks. In addition to wearing copious amounts of makeup, both wore perfumes extracted from cinnamon, myrrh, and oil. It is known they used to wear makeup to get the protection of the gods Ra and Horus.

Ancient Egyptian women and men

Image Source: www.ancientpages.com

7Egyptians worshipped over 2,000 deities

Ancient Egyptians were keen to keep everything balanced in their lives as they worshipped various goods. They would think each god had distinct responsibilities. The list of gods consists of the god of embalming- Anubis, Goddess of moisture-Tefnut, and hawk-headed Sun God Ra, and lots of others. Despite these deities, they worshipped Osiris, Hathor, Isis, Thoth, etc.

Egyptians worshipped over 2000 deities

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8Egyptians walked barefoot, as not all of them could afford shoes

Egyptians used ointments to protect their feet from insects and the sun. It is known not all Egyptians could afford shoes, and that’s why they often walked barefoot, particularly in their houses. Noticeably, the shoes were too expensive for the poor Egyptians. However, the richest Egyptians had their experts that would require an emphasis on their pedicure. The wealthy Egyptians, of course, put on as much jewelry as they could afford.

Egyptians shoes

Image Source: brightside.me


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