Unidentified Facts That You Don’t Know About Ancient Egyptians

Though ancient Egypt was considered to be one of the most powerful civilizations, ancient Egyptians were first to invent surreal life hacks. Ancient Egyptians had invented the mummified pharaoh, paper, and built esoteric pyramids. Of course, it could be startling to know what they had developed in the past, here we bring some lesser-known facts about Egyptians that you’ve never explored.


1 There was no discrimination between men and women

In ancient Egypt, women and men of equivalent social status had equal rights. Women were permitted to sell, buy, own, and inherit their properties. More importantly, Egyptian women had the power to choose a husband as per their choice. There were no laws that could dictate what they should wear. It is also known that the wife was accountable for all sorts of household matters, while the husband was responsible for wage-earning and other external matters. Furthermore, they were free to file a divorce and get married for a second time.

No discrimination between men and women

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2Ancient Egyptian diet

Vegetables and fruits were the main sources of the ancient Egyptian diet. Because meat spoiled rapidly in the hot climates, they used to eat meat only on certain special occasions and holidays. While wine was inexpensive for affluent parts of the community, beer was readily available to anyone in ancient Egypt. Though beer and bread were their staple foods, they also ate figs, eggs, garlic, butter, and birds. Eventually, richer sections of society were only able to enjoy mutton and pork.

Ancient Egyptian diet

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3The great pyramid was built by hired employees, not by the slaves

There were misconceptions in everyone’s mind that the slaves built the pyramids. However, the tombs discovered near the Giza pyramids confirmed that thousands of hired employees were used to build the pyramids. Archaeologists have confirmed that the skeletons found in the tombs belonged to laborers who were engaged in difficult physical jobs. In addition to the study of skeletons, the location of tombs also verified that deceased couldn’t have been slaves, as only respected people could have the honor of being buried near the holy burial chambers of pharaohs.

The great pyramid

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4Ancient Egyptians discovered toothpaste

As there were no pro medics for dental hygiene back in the day, but the ancient Egyptians donated more towards dental hygiene with the discovery of toothpaste. In the toothpaste made by ancient Egyptians, the burnt eggshells, pumice, and ox hooves were the main ingredients. The toothpicks found in tombs reflect that they were more cautious about oral hygiene, and they might have used toothpicks to clean food between their teeth.

Ancient Egyptians discovered toothpaste

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