Unicorn Armpit Hair Is The First Colorful New Trend Of 2019 and Youngsters Are Going Crazy Over It

We saw many beauty trends being followed by people in 2018, some were really classy while some can be called as weird and there is no doubt that we will see many more in 2019 as well.


While you may be busy in contemplating how you have spent the first month of the new year, a beauty trend is already making waves and it’s not just the women who are following it, the men are also loving it. However, there are many who do not like it all as it is related to a body part which people don’t like to show much.

1The trend – Unicorn armpit hair:

Unicorn armpit hair is a new trend in which people especially women are coloring their armpit hair instead of cleaning or shaving them. Some people may have even looked into armpit laser hair removal cost if they are considering going down the route of having their hair lasered. This then saves time and keeps your underarms clean. If you are someone who follows this unicorn armpit hair trend, each to their own.

Image Source: akamaized.net

2The month of Januhairy:

The followers of this trend are celebrating the month of January as Januhairy and in this month, the women are allowing the hair of their armpit to grow and they are also posting updates about the progress on their social media accounts, such as Instagram.

Image Source: diariopopular.com.ar

3The colors:

The armpit hair are getting colored or dyed with bright colors such as pink, purple, orange or green but there are some who are coloring their armpit hair with rainbow colors. There are many others who don’t want to color their armpit hair with rainbow theme but want to follow unicorn trend, so they are sprinkling glitter on their armpit hair.

Image Source: pinimg.com

4Who are following the trend?

The trend can be followed by anyone who has been letting their armpit hair grow from sometime now and it’s not just the common public that are participating, celebrities like Miley Cyrus have also joined the bandwagon. Miley decided to color it orange or with bold shade of pink and she seems to be pretty proud of it.

Image Source: .ladbiblegroup.com

5How the trend started?

It is being said the trend was started by the Youtuber Official Rainbow Girl when she posted a video on April 15, 2016 in which she showed how to color the armpit hair with rainbow colors. Many people criticized her for her act while there were many who supported her as they feel that calling armpit hair dirty is wrong as they grow naturally.

Image Source: www.news965.com

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