10 Of the most unfortunate people in the world ever

Being lucky and unlucky is a matter of subjective outlook. Some people have a very good fortune to have many things go their way, while when the things start to go south, they consider themselves unlucky. We bring to you 10 of the most unlucky people ever to have lived on this Earth.


1 Denise Rossi

Denise Rossi and Thomas Rossi was a happy couple married for 25 years. Thomas was a faithful husband and never strayed or did anything wrong, but out of the blue, in January 1997, Denise served Thomas with divorce papers. Thomas was shocked on the sudden decision to separate, but the whole thing came to unfold when he received a letter in Denise’s name. The letter was a buyout of her lottery winnings. You see Denise had won a lottery 11 days before filing for divorce. She kept the winnings and Thomas decided to take her to court. The judge at the Los Angeles family court ordered Denise to hand over every penny of the winning money to Thomas as she had violated state asset disclosure laws.

Denise Rossi

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2 Aitabdel Salem

Aitabdel Salem was jailed in the Rikers Prison for jumping his bail at a Manhattan Supreme Court trial, where he had been charged with attacking a NY cop and his bail was set at $25,000. However the prosecutors failed to get any indictment filed on the assault charge and Salem didn’t know about it. The judge had also put his bail at $1 for minor charges like mischief. Since Salem’s lawyers failed to inform him about this $1 bail, he spent 5 months in Rikers Prison when he could have gotten out on bail by paying just $1.

Aitabdel Salem

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3 Jason and Jenny

A couple named Jason and Jenny must be one of the most unlucky holiday couple ever. 42 year old Jason and 26 year old Jenny from England had gone to Mumbai, India for a vacation in November of 2008. Unfortunately, terrorists attacked the city and held it captive for three days and more than 180 people lost their lives. The couple had previously gone to New York for another holiday in 2001, where terrorists attacked the World Trade center using passenger planes and more than 3,000 people lost their lives. On July 7, 2005, the couple were in London when 4 suicide bombers blew themselves in the underground and bus service and 52 people lost their lives.


Jason and Jenny

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4 Costis Mitsotakis

In 2012, lottery ticket sellers went door to door selling tickets in Christmas mega draw in the tiny town of Sodeto in Spain. They went to all the houses and everyone but Costis Mitsotakis brought tickets, as the sellers accidently skipped his house thinking they had already went to his house. Unfortunately for Mitsotakis, the whole town hit the lucky jackpot and won upwards of $950,000,000 USD. Each ticket won $130,000 and apart from Mitsotakis, everyone in the village was celebrating.

Costis Mitsotakis

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


5 Ramon Artagaveytia

Ramon Artagaveytia was abroad the ship America in 1871 when near the shores of Punta Espinillo, Uruguay, it began racing towards another ship and its high pressure boilers caught fire. Ramon was one of the only 65 survivors who jumped and swam to safety. But he was left mentally scarred and scared to travel by a ship again. In 1912, Ramon was visiting his nephew in Ireland and decided to go to USA before going home to Argentina. The ship he boarded to visit USA was the ill fated Titanic, the 71 year old Ramon was travelling alone and when the ship collided with an iceberg and sank, he didn’t survive. His body was later found with his possessions.

Ramon Artagaveytia

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6 Debbie Stevens

Debbie Stevens will probably never be kind to anyone else. Her boss Jackie Brucia was in need of a kidney transplant and Debbie decided to donate the kidney to another person on the list, so that her boss could move up in the line and get a kidney faster. Debbie returned to work after the surgery, but had to go back home after three days as she didn’t feel good. Brucia called her at home and said “You can’t come and go as you please. People are going to think you’re getting special treatment.” When Debbie came back to office, she was berated in front of other staff and was demoted to a place that was 50 miles away from her home. Debbie contacted her lawyers after consulting a psychiatrist and they sent the company a letter, which fired her for it.

Debbie Stevens


7 Walter Summerford

Walter Summerford must have done something to piss off someone up there by something he had done. During his time on Earth, Summerford was struck by lightning 3 times. He survived and lived to be 59 years. Four years after he died in 1916, even his gravestone in cemetery was hit by lightning.

Walter Summerford

8 Ronald Wayne

Ronald Wayne was one of the original founder of the now famous Apple Inc, which he founded at the age of 42 along with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack. He found it hard to work with Jobs as time went on and finally, he sold his 10% of shares in the company for just $800. If he had kept his 10% shares, in 2016, his shared would have been worth $60 billion.

Ronald Wayne

Image Source: www.publika.az

9 Thomas Lopez

Thomas Lopez was a life guard on a beach in South Florida. One fine day he left his post in order to save a person in distress in water. Along with a witness and an off duty nurse, Thomas pulled the person out and gave him emergency medical aid. However when the company that employed Thomas came to know that he had saved someone who was in distress out of the zone for which the company was not paid for, they promptly fired Thomas. He was hired back when the company came to know that his post was not left unattended and four other life guards quit in protest.

Thomas Lopez

Image Source: www.unbelievable-facts.com


10 Adolphe Sax

Belgian inventor and musician Adolphe Sax is known for his musical invention of Saxophone in 1846. However, in his childhood, he must have been one of the most unlucky children around. At a young age, he survived falling from building, consuming vitriolized water, got burned in a gunpowder explosion and even survived lip cancer. He also died a poor man without making any money from his inventions.

Adolphe Sax

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