10 Of the most unfortunate people in the world ever

Being lucky and unlucky is a matter of subjective outlook. Some people have a very good fortune to have many things go their way, while when the things start to go south, they consider themselves unlucky. We bring to you 10 of the most unlucky people ever to have lived on this Earth.

1 Denise Rossi

Denise Rossi and Thomas Rossi was a happy couple married for 25 years. Thomas was a faithful husband and never strayed or did anything wrong, but out of the blue, in January 1997, Denise served Thomas with divorce papers. Thomas was shocked on the sudden decision to separate, but the whole thing came to unfold when he received a letter in Denise’s name. The letter was a buyout of her lottery winnings. You see Denise had won a lottery 11 days before filing for divorce. She kept the winnings and Thomas decided to take her to court. The judge at the Los Angeles family court ordered Denise to hand over every penny of the winning money to Thomas as she had violated state asset disclosure laws.

Denise Rossi

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2 Aitabdel Salem

Aitabdel Salem was jailed in the Rikers Prison for jumping his bail at a Manhattan Supreme Court trial, where he had been charged with attacking a NY cop and his bail was set at $25,000. However the prosecutors failed to get any indictment filed on the assault charge and Salem didn’t know about it. The judge had also put his bail at $1 for minor charges like mischief. Since Salem’s lawyers failed to inform him about this $1 bail, he spent 5 months in Rikers Prison when he could have gotten out on bail by paying just $1.

Aitabdel Salem

Image Source: www.interez.sk

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