13 Unexpected Things Science Explains About Love and We Couldn’t Be More Surprised

In life it is said that we often make decisions either from the heart or the head. To think or act from the head or heart, are just a part of daily conversation. That feelings and emotions originate from the heart is just a perception. It isn’t logical or scientific to do so and all thought and emotional processes actually take place in the brain. Our brains are the real source of the thought process including when it concerns love. In fact, when it concerns love, it is our brains that influence us how to react and what to do even though we don’t realize it. Here is what science says about love.


1 According to the brain, a healthy fresh complexion and healthy habits indicate good genes

Our minds subconsciously influence us to like people who look healthy and live a good lifestyle. We are also attracted to those who eat a proper healthy diet, are physically active, and look fresh with just minimal or no makeup one. A naturally good-looking person will always appear more attractive than one with lots of makeup. These positive traits area sign of good genes.

Healthy fresh complexion and healthy habits

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2On the basis of a smile, the brain can identify if a person is willing for closer contact or if they may be aggressive

The first human beings may have let out that particular kind of smile which we call a grin when something may have invaded their privacy. Taking into account the movement of the facial muscles, our brains can differentiate smiles that are sincere or sympathetic. This is the same way we can also identify someone is concealing aggression or they are genuinely willing to communicate.

On the basis of a smile

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3The brain tends to like people who bear resemblance to our relatives

According to science, a woman will in most cases choose a partner who may look like her brother or father. In the same way, men too may tend to lean towards women who have some resemblance to their mothers and sisters. Our brain may look for a twin in whom similar genes will probably be the highest. But science also says that this will only work if the men and women shared a good relationship with those family members in question.

People who bear resemblance to our relatives

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4A bit of fat is beautiful

Science says that a certain amount of body fat is a sign to the brain that the body is comfortable and not at stress. It is wired into humans’ beings due to evolution that skinny women or those who lose fat may have less chances of conception. A shapely figure is always considered attractive to men because it indicates a woman’s potential to be fertile. Losing body fat is also a sign that the woman may suffer stress from hormonal imbalances. Size zero may be good for the ramp but it definitely does not define natural beauty. In 2016, a survey based on science found TV personality, Kelly Brooks, as having the most scientifically perfect figure in the world.

A bit of fat is beautiful

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