Shocking discovery in the Gulf of Mexico: An underwater lake that can kill you

The term Jacuzzi might conjure up an object of pleasure, after all who doesn’t like relaxing in its bubbling warm water. But this Jacuzzi existing deep in the sea bed of the Gulf of Mexico is very different. This underwater lake can kill you and is rightly named the “Jacuzzi of Despair.”

In yet another mystery of the deep, scientists have discovered an undersea brine lake which is inhospitable for all life. The pool of brine water is so super salty that it kills anything that comes in contact with it.

1 An Underwater Toxic Lake Floating At the Bottom of the Sea

Rightly named the “Jacuzzi of Despair,” the high level of saline brine waters of the Undersea lake, located in the Gulf of New Mexico, just a day’s travel from New Orleans is baffling marine scientists for its toxic nature. Sea creature namely benthic crabs, small marine life and fish wandering within its interiors are killed immediately.

The pool which is circular in shape features a circumference that is 100 feet wide and just 12 feet deep. The amazing factor of such a phenomenon is that it exists 3300 feet below the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The underwater brine lake has more than five times the salinity levels of normal sea water. It is so dense or thick that the pool actually rests on the bottom of the sea bed, forming a cauldron of deadly toxins like hydrogen sulfide and methane gas which does not dissolve in the water.

Jacuzzi of Despair

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