Unbelievable!!This man has not eaten or drank anything for 75 years

There are some things in the world that may seem unbelievable at first, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot happen. Belief on spirituality differs from people to people. For some, spirituality is their connection to god. And for some, spirituality is getting to know themselves.


Thanks to some spiritual techniques like Yoga or controlled breathing and meditation, many people have achieved unbelievable things. Things that take decades and decades of practise and patience make these people do things that normal people cannot do. But the main thing here is that science has been unable to answer many things that doesn’t fall under the category of normal.

One such case is of Prahlad Jani from India. Continue reading this interesting case.


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1 Who is Prahlad Jani?

Prahlad Jani was born in India in 1929 in Rajasthan, India. He left his home at the age of 7 and spent his life in a forest in search of spirituality. Jani is also known all across India as the person who has not eaten a morsel of food or drank a drop of water since the age of seven. That means that he has not eaten or drank anything for the past 75 years.


Jani attributes this for to a religious experience he underwent in which three of the Hindu goddesses Ma Kali, MA Laxmi and Ma Saraswati appeared in front of him and blessed him pleased by his spiritual awakening. Jani says that when he asked the three goddesses about his food and water. The goddesses reassured him that he should not worry about water or food hence forth.

Since that day, Jani has not eaten or drank anything ever. He also decided to worship goddess Ma Amba (Mother Amba) as her female worshipper. He has donned woman’s clothes along with jewellery and also changed his name to Chunriwala Mataji (the mother with the holy scarf).

Who is Prahlad Jani

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2 Medical Tests

Prahlad Jani has been tested multiple times by different doctors of varying specialities. The things that have flummoxed the medical community is that he is in perfect health despite not eating, as he claims. He was recently tested in 2003 and 2011 by a team of 30 or so doctors’ at the most prestigious hospitals in India.


During his tests in the Indian city of Ahmedabad, Jani spent 10 days under strict observations of doctors. According to the hospital’s deputy superintendent Dr. Desai said that Jani didn’t consume anything and neither that he passed any urine or stool.

Medical Tests

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3 Recent Medical Test in 2011 and results

In 2011, tests were repeated and Dr. Sudhir Shah kept him under surveillance for 15 days. As per medical science, if any one doesn’t eat or drink for 7 seven days or more, that person will die.

During his stay in the hospital, Jani was allowed to leave the room only for tests and once a day for sunbathing. This time the Indian military was also involved in the tests and the study. The director of the team of medical doctors from Indian military later said that Jani may demonstrate an extreme form of adaptation to starvation and water restriction and the observations could benefit soldiers and astronauts.

Recent Medical Test in 2011 and results

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4 Detractors of Prahlad Jani

One of the biggest detractors of Prahlad Jani is Sanal Edamaruku, the head of Indian Rationalist Association. Edamaruku claims that he debunked Jani’s claim in 2003.


He wrote in the sceptic dictionary,” The Indian Ministry of Defesce (MoD) and the NASA have obviously been taken in by the absurd claims of a village fraud. It is shocking to see that government officials and scientists are so gullible to believe that a human being can survive 60 years without food and water! The claim does not only contradict experience and common sense, but also our well-established biological and medical knowledge about the functioning of the human body. It is absolutely impossible that it is true – if it was, it would disprove the laws of physiology and we would have to rewrite our scientific text books!”

Edmaruku has also blamed the head of the hospital of faking the study. He says that Jani was allowed to meet devotees and was given water to bath and gargle. These activities of Jani were not monitored properly and he might have drunk some water during these activities. Also he blamed the hospital of not letting him meet Jani personally and alone.

Detractors of Prahlad Jani

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5 Conclusion

This is a snippet from a documentary made on the life of Prahlad Jani. Whatever the sceptics say or supporters say, the conclusion is something is definitely interesting with Prahlad Jani and science is trying its best in order to debunk the mystery of his claim for living 75 years without food or water.

But for Prahlad, it is his devotion towards the goddesses and his spirituality that has kept him alive for so many years without food and water.


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