15 Of the oldest and most unbelievable photographs ever taken in Human History

12 USS Constitution Under sail!

This is the oldest known photograph taken of the USS constitution ship under sail, dating back to 1881. The original photograph is still available for public viewership in the USS Constitution Museum Collection.

USS Constitution Under sail

Image Source: www.rabbitstatic.com

13 Oldest Photograph of a Tornado

This is the oldest photograph taken of a tornado taken from a Garnett on April 26, 1884. This probably has also been altered a bit too.

Oldest Photograph of a Tornado

Image Source: www.fishki.net

14 When Japanese went to see the Sphinx

This is an albumen print of the Ikeda Nagaoki Japanese mission members who were on their way to Europe and visited Egypt too. The picture is clicked in front of the famous Sphinx in the year 1864 and is considered a fantastic early shot of the side profile of the great Sphinx of Giza. Also it’s interesting to note that the sphinx’s nose was broken already.

When Japanese went to see the Sphinx

Image Source: www.unlockmen.com

15 First passport

This is the oldest photograph taken of a US passport which was one of the earliest countries to use pictures in the passports before any other nation started this trend. This passport dates back to March 2, 1915 representing Margaret Sanger, travelling under the pseudonym of Bertha L Watson.

First passport

Image Source: www.benbeck.co.uk

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