15 Of the oldest and most unbelievable photographs ever taken in Human History


The human obsession with clicking photographs and capturing random moments of nostalgia or as a souvenir is unbelievably old. May be the idea behind the capturing a self portrait or clicking a picture has changed to more fickle and shallow reasons to day but it can all be traced back to early 1800s. Here are some of the oldest photographs taken by camera in human history.

1 The First Men Captured in the picture

Yes these are the unsuspecting first human beings ever captured in a photograph which was clicked way back in 1838 in Paris by Louis Daguerre. Look closely and amidst this seemingly deserted looking city street there is a man bent over another, presumably getting his boot polished.

The First Men Captured in the picture

Image Source: www.kamerabild.se

2 First self Portrait

Yes and you thought selfies are the gift of modern day smart phones? Think again as this self portrait of a dashing young man was taken in the year in 1839! The man captured here in question or rather shall we say… in the frame is Robert Cornelius with the daguerreotype method. This self portrait is officially accepted as the oldest photograph taken where it is known as the first light picture of human history.

First self Portrait

Image Source: www.fotoportal4.it

3 Photograph of Earliest Born Woman ever to be born

This is a portrait of Hannah Stilley who was born in the year 1746! Her original daguerreotype was taken in 1840 which is lost now but her picture was printed in a book by Alva Gorby in 1936 and thus preserved. According to the book Hannah was already 30 year old when America came into existence!

Photograph of Earliest Born Woman

Image Source: www.difundir.org


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