15 Of the oldest and most unbelievable photographs ever taken in Human History

The human obsession with clicking photographs and capturing random moments of nostalgia or as a souvenir is unbelievably old. May be the idea behind the capturing a self portrait or clicking a picture has changed to more fickle and shallow reasons to day but it can all be traced back to early 1800s. Here are some of the oldest photographs taken by camera in human history.


1 The First Men Captured in the picture

Yes these are the unsuspecting first human beings ever captured in a photograph which was clicked way back in 1838 in Paris by Louis Daguerre. Look closely and amidst this seemingly deserted looking city street there is a man bent over another, presumably getting his boot polished.

The First Men Captured in the picture

Image Source: www.kamerabild.se

2 First self Portrait

Yes and you thought selfies are the gift of modern day smart phones? Think again as this self portrait of a dashing young man was taken in the year in 1839! The man captured here in question or rather shall we say… in the frame is Robert Cornelius with the daguerreotype method. This self portrait is officially accepted as the oldest photograph taken where it is known as the first light picture of human history.

First self Portrait

Image Source: www.fotoportal4.it

3 Photograph of Earliest Born Woman ever to be born

This is a portrait of Hannah Stilley who was born in the year 1746! Her original daguerreotype was taken in 1840 which is lost now but her picture was printed in a book by Alva Gorby in 1936 and thus preserved. According to the book Hannah was already 30 year old when America came into existence!

Photograph of Earliest Born Woman

Image Source: www.difundir.org

[caption id="attachment_33398" align="aligncenter" width="538"]Oldest Photograph of US President Image Source: www.photobucket.com[/caption]

5 First News Flash

This was a criminal arrest daguerreotype made in France in the year 1847, which was reportedly the first ever News related photograph taken. This daguerreotype was the oldest photograph taken to represent news, something which cannot be conceived without a related image these days.

[caption id="attachment_33399" align="aligncenter" width="620"]First News Flash Image Source: www.aixifan.com[/caption]

6 Oldest drinks party photograph

This cheery photograph dates back to 1844 in which 3 men namely, Octavius Hill present on the right of James Ballentine and Dr George Bell are captured while sharing a good joke over a beer bottle and three ‘ales flutes’ (drinking glasses in the 19th century).

[caption id="attachment_33400" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Oldest drinks party photograph Image Source: www.antik-war.com[/caption]

7 The first picture of the Sun

The real technological marvel which the daguerreotype was, actually surfaced when two French physicists, Louis Fizeau and Leon Foucault took successful photograph of the sun on the 2nd of April 1845. An exposure of 1/60th of a second was given while clicking and therefore making it the oldest photograph taken of our mighty sun.

[caption id="attachment_33401" align="aligncenter" width="640"]The first picture of the Sun Image Source: www.nationalgeographic.org[/caption]

8 The first amputation photograph

This grim daguerreotype depicts the brutality of war. Taken in the year 1847, it shows Sergeant Antonio Busto’s leg being amputated by a Belgian army surgeon Pedro Vander Linden during American-Mexican war, this is the first photograph of an amputation performed in the battlefield.

[caption id="attachment_33402" align="aligncenter" width="640"]The first amputation photograph Image Source: www.imgur.com[/caption]

9 The Oldest Photograph of Alamo

This is the oldest photograph taken of Alamo chapel in 1849. It is a daguerreotype which has a lot of historical significance attached with it. This was a rare picture of Alamo façade BEFORE it was recaptured and repaired in the year 1850 by the US army. During the renovation a lot of design changes were made to the original edifice including the addition of a distinctive curve gable which is based on the top of the church front and also it’s most unique feature.

[caption id="attachment_33403" align="aligncenter" width="640"]The Oldest Photograph of Alamo Image Source: www.interez.sk[/caption]

10 World’s Oldest Airborne Photograph

If you thought aerial landscaping is a new concept, you would be wrong. This mesmerizing aerial shot of Boston City dates back to 1860 from 2000 feet by James Wallace Black. He was famous for taking heart rendering pictures after the infamous Boston Fire of 1872 but this pre-fire picture taken from a hot air balloon” Queen of the Air” put him on the map already.

[caption id="attachment_33404" align="aligncenter" width="527"]World’s Oldest Airborne Photograph Image Source: www.ndsstatic.com[/caption]

11 Earliest photograph of English football team

This is THE oldest photograph taken of English football team and was discovered 132 year AFTER it was taken! This image has all the earliest football superstars together in their glory just before the fifth international match of England on March 4, 1876. We can see B.G Jarrett (sitting on the floor), F. Heron; E.H Bambridge; H. Heron (captain); J. Turner (Umpire); A.H Savage (Front row, right to left); W.J Maynard; F.T Green; W.S Buchanan; E. Field (Back row, right to left)

[caption id="attachment_33405" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Earliest photograph of English football team Image Source: www.unbelievable-facts.com[/caption]

12 USS Constitution Under sail!

This is the oldest known photograph taken of the USS constitution ship under sail, dating back to 1881. The original photograph is still available for public viewership in the USS Constitution Museum Collection.

[caption id="attachment_33406" align="aligncenter" width="559"]USS Constitution Under sail Image Source: www.rabbitstatic.com[/caption]

13 Oldest Photograph of a Tornado

This is the oldest photograph taken of a tornado taken from a Garnett on April 26, 1884. This probably has also been altered a bit too.

[caption id="attachment_33407" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Oldest Photograph of a Tornado Image Source: www.fishki.net[/caption]

14 When Japanese went to see the Sphinx

This is an albumen print of the Ikeda Nagaoki Japanese mission members who were on their way to Europe and visited Egypt too. The picture is clicked in front of the famous Sphinx in the year 1864 and is considered a fantastic early shot of the side profile of the great Sphinx of Giza. Also it’s interesting to note that the sphinx’s nose was broken already.

[caption id="attachment_33408" align="aligncenter" width="607"]When Japanese went to see the Sphinx Image Source: www.unlockmen.com[/caption]

15 First passport

This is the oldest photograph taken of a US passport which was one of the earliest countries to use pictures in the passports before any other nation started this trend. This passport dates back to March 2, 1915 representing Margaret Sanger, travelling under the pseudonym of Bertha L Watson.

[caption id="attachment_33409" align="aligncenter" width="640"]First passport Image Source: www.benbeck.co.uk[/caption]


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