Unbelievable how a Selfie stick saved a girl’s life

Selfie sticks are instruments by which one can take their own photo using a Bluetooth enabled image capturing device. The device can be anything from an iPhone, to a digital camera.

It is generally used by tourists who visit places of interests and teenagers who love documenting every moment of their daily life in images. The ease of use of this device has made it extremely popular not only in the western world, but also in places like Asia, Australia and Africa.

One can view people using a 3 foot stick with a camera at the end, standing in a huddle and merrily clicking pictures of themselves. It is also considered to be a nuisance nowadays with many places like the Vatican, The Wimbledon and other important places have banned them.

But for once a Selfie stick saved the life of a teenage girl, who was caught in the riptide and was pulled into the water. Read the whole incident.


1 Fun Frolic and Vacation

Derrick Jones had gone out to the beach in Nantucket with his wife and daughter for a fun filled day. The 3 of them were having fun in the ocean. Erynn, his daughter had carried her camera in order to take the pictures and film the ocean. One can see Erynn having fun and waving at her father.

 Fun Frolic and Vacation

Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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