Unbelievable! Divers discover animals trapped in cages deep in the ocean!!

A couple of divers were wandering about in the deep waters of the Kokoya Island, Indonesia when they saw something really disturbing. Deep in the ocean, there laid two animals trapped in cages. The way these animals were found trapped is nothing short of heart-wrenching.


1 A Heartbreaking Discovery

As the divers got closer to the animals trapped in cages, they realized the disturbing fact that these were no ordinary animals; they were called dugongs. Dugongs are a very rare species of manatees- so rare that they were on the verge of extinction.

A Heartbreaking Discovery

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2 An unfortunate Mother and Child

The divers soon understood that out of the animals trapped in the cages, one was the mother and other was the child. One of the poor creatures was stuck in a large steel cage and the other was tied to the cage with a thick rope. The heart wrenching sight was unbearable to the divers.

 An unfortunate Mother and Child

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3 A Prolonged Underwater Imprisonment

The divers were unable to figure out the time span for which the animals have been trapped in cages. However, based on the injuries of the mother’s tail and fins, they were sure that the poor creatures had been trapped there for several weeks now.

A Prolonged Underwater Imprisonment

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


4 Who is responsible for this incident?

Who could do such a terrible act? Who would make two innocent animals suffer so much by trapping them in a cage? The divers began to investigate and soon found out that the culprits were the fishermen.

Who is responsible for this incident?

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5 The Plot thickens while the animals remain trapped

Apparently, the poor animals were imprisoned by fishermen as they had made a deal with a foreigner who offered to buy them. It shows how man gets blinded by money, even if it means that two innocent animals have to remain bound in cages and go hungry for weeks.

The Plot thickens while the animals remain trapped

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6 The divers tried to negotiate

The divers pointed out to the fisherman how rare the animals were. They also mentioned how this is such an inhuman thing to do to the creatures who are supposed to swim freely in the vast ocean. But the divers’ words fell on deaf ears.

The divers tried to negotiate

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7 Divers to the rescue

As the fishermen continued to remain adamant, the divers took the issue to higher levels. They put the pictures of the animals trapped in cages on social media and also informed the wildlife authorities about the atrocities the fishermen were committing.

Divers to the rescue

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8 Freedom at last

This move did the trick as the authorities approached the ocean within hours and set these animals free. Both the mother and calf swam away peacefully into the depths of the ocean without a single complaint.This incident shows how heartless a man can get when wealth is involved. Here is to hoping that the dugongs that were trapped in cages are safe and healthy. The animals of the ocean are destined to swim freely; they do not belong in cages.

Freedom at last

Image Source: www.asiaone.com


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