Scientists unbelievable discovery under the ocean will defintely give you an amazing dose for the day

Each time a discovery is made from the depths of the sea, it is a phenomenal event. Man recovers another clue to his rich heritage. Such discoveries like the lost city of Heraclion help uncover mysteries of the past haunting scientists for centuries. Heraclion or Thonis was one such ancient Egyptian city dedicated to Hercules that was discovered and excavated from the oceans depths by French archaeologist Frank Goddio in 2000.

The fantastic discovery of Heraclion finally proved the city wasn’t a myth as some experts thought it to be. Frank Goddio famed for his underwater exploration found Heraclion lying in the Abu Quir bay just 2.3 km off the coast of Egypt. The ruins lay scattered in the depth of the Mediterranean Sea just 30 feet below sea level.

1 One of the most important cities of ancient Egypt

Heraclion existed near the famous port city of Alexandria famed for its light house. Heraclion was named after the legendary Hercules who was also called Thonis or Heracles. Heraclion existed 2700 years ago during the 12th century BC when it was considered an important landmark during the ancient era of Egyptian culture.

Heraclion also flourished during the reign of the last pharaoh Nectanebo who helped the city grow. Unfortunately natural disasters and massive flooding finally took its toll on the area and Heraclion was lost in the depths of the Mediterranean sometime between the 4th and 8th century BC.

important cities of ancient Egypt

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