Try tissue trick to make your baby fall asleep within 60 seconds


Social media promotion line: Use the tissue trick to get your baby to fall asleep under 60 seconds
There are several techniques which parents generally utilize to put their crying baby to sleep. Some parents take the baby for a car ride, some play music, video, or rock them back and forth. If you have tried all these techniques and nothing worked, use the tissue trick.

This will surely help you in getting your baby to fall asleep within 60 seconds. This unique technique was found by an Australian father and became a buzz on social networking sites. Continue reading to know about this unique technique.

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1 What is the tissue trick?

This tissue trick is not something special nor is it hard to try. In this trick, all you have to do is gently tickle the infant’s face with a light piece of tissue paper. You can use the tissue in any portion of the face such as the head, nose, cheeks, forehead, eyes, or the bridge of the nose to get your wide awake and restless baby to fall asleep within 60 seconds.

What is the tissue trick

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