Check out these secret tricks to book cheap airline tickets


Every one of us wants to roam around the world and just pack a bag and hop onto a plane and reach to a different destination every now and then. But there is just one thing keeping us from doing so, and that is the skyrocketing prices of airline tickets. When you add the taxes and extra baggage fees to the ticket, the prices look like totally unaffordable for even long haul flights.

And on top of that, the expenditures of any amenities you might need for the journey; the price tag just keeps getting heftier and then all your dreams and plans come crashing down, thanks to the prices of the tickets.

But do not worry, as we have a secret trick for you to ensure that you book your air ticket for the cheapest price available. Along with that secret trick, we have some more additional tips for you to ensure cheap air travel.

1 The secret trick

First of all never book your tickets on a Saturday. Since it is the weekend day, the ticket prices are way up and you will only find the most expensive prices for tickets. Though you will be compelled to plan your travel and check prices on your day off in the week, booking any tickets will not be a good idea. This happens because the airlines follow a weird algorithm and pattern when comes to ticket pricing.

The secret trick is to either book the ticket months in advance or merely weeks in advance. The best day to buy tickets is actually Tuesday. The airlines offer their best prices beginning in the weekend. But by Tuesday, it will be a full on war to offer best deals and that’s when you strike the best deal for yourself. Especially book the ticket after 3pm EST, as studies have shown ticket prices to be lowest at that point.

The secret trick

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2 Book in advance

Another tip is to book your flight tickets about seven weeks in advance. The airlines are in need to fill their empty seats and are willing to offer you the deal that you want. So if you want to book cheap airline tickets for short trips; do it 7 weeks in advance and for long trips, do it 18 weeks in advance. This will ensure the best offer for the tickets for you.

Book in advance

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3 Fly indirect

If you are looking for cheap airline tickets and are in no hurry to reach to your destination or crunched when it comes to time, then opt for flights with stopovers. Direct flights to anywhere are costly since they usually stop for refueling and then go on their way. But when you book an indirect flight with stop overs, it might take a bit longer, but you will get to travel cheaper. Also you will get some time to roam around in a new place or catch up on some much needed sleep.

Fly indirect

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4 Sign up for airline emails

Though most of us hate spam mails in our email inbox; signing up for airline emails is actually a good thing to do. Do subscribe to some of your favorite airlines newsletters as they are filled with last minute offers, new routes offers and complimentary stuff with tickets. For further sweetening of the deal, keep an eye out for Tuesday’s newsletters, as mentioned before, airlines know their weekend booking and will offer empty seats for cheapest price possible and it will be good for you as well.

Sign up for airline emails

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5 Catch early morning flights

If you are not too finicky about getting up early to catch a flight, you can get some of the best deals on early morning flights. Not many people want to catch flights at 4am in morning and that’s why airlines offer seats on such timings at very low prices and you can get a good deal if you are willing to travel early. Other than early morning flights, other times to fly cheap are during lunch time in afternoon and during the dinner time at night. But you should opt for early morning flights.

Catch early morning flights

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Do share some of your tips and tricks for cheap air travel in comments for our readers.


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