The Tragic Story of Genie a Feral Child whose father kept her locked up for thirteen years

Although this world may be a beautiful place to live in, there are many who make it their own personal living hell drowning innocent victims in their own quagmire of hate. One such man was the father of a girl named Genie who became one of the worst cases of child abuse in history.

Genie was abused by her father from a baby receiving no love or human interaction. She lived locked up in a room with painted windows and was not allowed to speak resulting in a disability to speak till the age of 13. She was finally found by authorities who rescued her from her plight. The tragic story of Genie the Feral child can be overwhelming reducing many to tears.


1 Born in Arcadia California to a father who hated children

Genie was born in Arcadia California in 1957. Her Father Wiley Disliked children and prevented all his family from leaving home or venturing outside. He was abusive of all of them including little Genie. The man was raised in an orphanage. His own parents abandoned him where his mother was too busy running a brothel. His resentment and hatred from childhood made him a malicious and evil character.

Genie’s mother was 20 years younger than her husband. Suffering from several ailments including degenerative vision and cataract made her extremely dependent on the hateful man. He isolated himself from the family after Genie was born. Genie was born an Rh Incompatible child and was grossly underweight.

Born in Arcadia California to a father who hated children

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