15 Tough Jobs That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

6Mosquito tester

This is one of the weirdest and strangest jobs we’ve ever heard about but it actually exists. These people actually let themselves get bitten to check if mosquitoes are carrying any diseases. This allows them to find new diseases carried by particular mosquitoes and find a cure before it becomes an epidemic.  The people who do this work are given immediate medical treatment but sometimes things can get fatal.

Mosquito tester

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7Electrical workers

In some countries, the electrical workers have to risk life and limb to do their jobs. They often have to go high up on electrical poles to do repairs. Most countries do provide them with safety harnesses and the required training but there are some countries where they are not given much. In these situations, one wrong move can result in death.

Electrical workers

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8Underground welders

Ever since we began building structures out at sea, we’ve required underground welders. Their jobs are not as easy as their counterparts who work only on land. Underwater, they are at risk from many factors such as explosions, decompression sickness, shocks, etc. There have been several reports of people losing their lives on the job no matter how much precautions were taken beforehand.

Underground welders

Image Source: www.diversinstitute.edu

9Crime scene cleaners

After a crime scene, there needs to be a cleanup. If the crime was small the cleanup will be small but in some cases, the cleanup can be messy. Some crime scenes can be filled with blood and body parts that need to be taken as evidence and the cleanup crew is tasked with that messy job. This job is not for those who cannot stomach the gore.

Crime scene cleaners

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10Steel workers

Even though this job has become much safer since the 1900s, there is still a large area for fatal injuries. The biggest is the risk of falling to your death. Safety harnesses have been implemented but at times they too can fail to save a life. There is also the chance of equipment coming undone and injuring the workers or structures collapsing.

Steel workers

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