15 Tough Jobs That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Daily labor is something we all have to do to earn a livelihood. We can be honest and say that we all hate our jobs and would like something more interesting. But we shouldn’t take our jobs for granted as there are definitely other jobs but they are not as comfortable and easy as the one you are doing at the moment.


Today, we have gathered a few of the strangest and toughest jobs from around the globe. Many of these jobs you have never even heard of.

1Sulfur mining

This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world where people without any protective gear are sent inside the vent of an active volcano. Their job is to mine sulfur and they aren’t even given any protective clothes, glasses, gloves, etc. The pay is even worse for this job as they get less than $5 a day for risking their lives.

Sulfur mining

Image Source: kn3.net

2Odor testers

This is a tough job in the sense that you need to have good odor detectors in your nose. These people are usually hired by deodorant companies who need to test out their new products. People for this job are recruited on the basis of how good their smell receptors are. They cannot mess up on this job as it could cause the company huge losses.

Odor testers

Image Source: knowledgedish.com

3Ship miners

Ship miners are people who are recruited in arctic regions to help clean frozen ships. During cold winters some ships are given time to rest but this allows a huge buildup of ice around the ship. To get rid of this ice and restore the ship to working conditions, ship or ice miners are called in. They work in extreme climates and are paid very less to do so.

Ship miners

Image Source: fishki.net

4Manhole cover making

Most manhole covers today are made from recycled scrap metals recovered from companies. These are heated, metaled and made into heavy, durable manhole covers. The only issue is that many countries that make them don’t provide their laborers proper protection. They face heat and poisonous gases all day but are usually doing their work without any protective gear.

Manhole cover making

Image Source: magspace.ru

5Diamond mining

It is regarded as a ‘dirty business’ as the people who work in the diamond mines are underpaid and mistreated. They are usually from third world countries and are forced to mine for the most valuable jewelry on the planet. Over 100,000 people work in these mines, all day to earn a miserable pay.

Diamond mining

Image Source: ceotudent.com


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