Top 10 richest women in the world

We know who the richest man is. True? Now care to know who the richest woman is? This article gives a synopsis of the worth of the richest women and how they earned their fortune. Though many of them have inherited the fortunes, they have turned these fortunes into even bigger ones.

10 Johanna Quandt

  • Net Worth: $12.6 billion USD
  • Location: Germany

Johanna Quandt, was born in the year, 1926. She is the widow of the business tycoon Mr. Herbert Quandt. She started her career as a secretary in the office of her husband to be and gradually married him. Mr. Herbert was the one, who rescued the automaker BMW out of economic failure. After the death of Mr. Herbert, Johanna inherited the major shares of the automaker, which made her to be among the board of directors, until 1997. She still possesses shares of BMW, which in turn makes her the 8th richest person in Germany. The Quandt’s were blessed with two children, who also own major shares. She is ranked in the 82nd position among the richest people in the world. Johanna supports the organizations dealing with cancer in children and also spends a major amount on the political parties.

Johanna Quandt

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