Top 10 longest books in the world – 2018 Update

The length of a book is usually (at least among the readers) considered to be the number of pages from cover to cover. However, the editors and the publishers are counting a bit different – they count the number of words. Today’s word documents don’t have problem counting them, but how was in the past, let’s say in the 17th century when books were written with actual holding oily pens or pencils?. In this article we will also talk about longest books in the world and how the writers managed to write those books.

If you are an avid reader long books should never be a problem for you. Some of the greatest books in the world, like Harry Potter are quite long, yet the readers never seemed to bother. But, there are books that contain millions of words. But if you are one of those people who hate to start reading a book and never finish it, it might take quite long till you read a few thousands of pages.

You will wonder how long it took their authors to write them down. Most of these long books are too expensive to be printed in the regular way, so the authors (if alive) decide to publish and sell their books as online readings.

If the book is good you will never want it to end, but what happens when the authors simply had no intention to finish their writings? – Books with endless words counts and over 6000-7000 pages length. Would you dare to start reading a book that long? Here is the list of some of the longest books ever. We hope you will get interested in some of them and actually read them… Of course if you have a lot of free time in your daily schedule.


1 The Blah Story by Nigel Tomm

The book has over 3,277,227 words which counted in pages are 7312. That is probably one very thick book. If you got intrigued, you can search it online and read it.

The Blah Story by Nigel Tomm
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