Titanic Replica is all set to sail in 2018!

If you are a history buff and have been waiting for the replica of Titanic to set sail, the wait has got a little longer. Initially, the replica was all set to sail in 2016 but the same has been delayed a bit. Read on for more details..


1 History all set to repeat itself

The replica of the gigantic ship named as Titanic-II is set to sail in the next two years. The tragic sinking of this gigantic ship led to killing of over 1,503 people.

The replica would be ready to sail in 2018 and will be having a different route. The original Titanic set sail from Southampton, England and was all set to reach New York when it got hit by an iceberg in the Atlantic and sank the next morning.

History all set to repeat itself

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2 Different route, same voyage

The replica of Titanic has been designed by Australian tycoon Clive Palmer. The route for the ship has been planned from Jiangsu in China and the ship will pass through Dubai in United Arab Emirates.


The cruise ship is being designed at CSC Jinling Shipyard in China and will have Café Parisien for the first class passengers as was in the original ship. A major change will however will be the use of diesel electric propulsion instead of the steam engines as the technology has outlived its life now.

A first class smoking room will too be added to give it a historic look much like the original ship.

Different route, same voyage

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3 A royal feel

To give a royal feel to those who choose to embark on the voyage not many changes have been done in the interiors of the Titanic-II. The ship is all set to have many of the original features as Turkish baths and squash courts. A grand staircase as was in the original ship has also been added as also the swimming pools to ensure that the travelers get to relive history in its original form.


In addition first, second and third class tickets will also be put on sale as was the case with Titanic. Those who are expecting modern technology as satellite television on board might be disappointed as no such technology has been put in place. This has mostly been done to maintain the originality of the ship and give the passengers a true royal feel of the bygone era.

 A royal feel

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4 Safety Paramount

Safety of the passengers has been kept of paramount interest while designing this gigantic ship. Keeping in league with the modern safety standards, the new ship is all set to have a welded hull and will be four yards wider than the original ship. It will be ensured that the ship has enough lifeboats for everyone in case tragedy strikes again.

The ship will have air conditioning too, keeping in trends of present days. The global marketing director of Blue Star Lines James McDonald said that all the modern evacuation procedures will be followed in case of any emergency.
Satellite controls, radar systems and digital navigation have been put in place and the ship is likely to have all the amenities and security systems as can be expected in a 21st century ship.


The cost for the voyage is being worked out by Blue Star but it has been reported that people themselves are offering up to $1 million for a single person. This large amount seems to be more inclined to the heritage value of the cruise ship.

Safety Paramount

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Titanic-II which weighs 40,000 tons has 840 cabins and can take up to 2400 passengers. In addition around 900 crew members can be accommodated on the ship. However, this too might seem smaller in today’s age of technology where cruise ships larger in proportion and carrying capacity have already set sail.

However, the heritage value attached with the ship makes it a cherished property and all are looking forward to embark on a historic journey.


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