9 Times Wild Animals Saved Lives Of Humans

7Dolphins saved lifeguards

There are many instances in which dolphins have saved humans and in one incident which happened in the year 2004, seven dolphins saved lifeguards. Four lifeguards were swimming at Ocean Beach, near Whangarei, New Zealand when seven bottlenose dolphins started circling them and kept them closer.

Dolphins saved lifeguards

Image Source: listverse.com

Why dolphins did that?

When one of the swimmers went underwater to see why dolphins are circling them, he saw a white shark nearby. It was clear that dolphins were saving them from the shark and dolphins kept circling them for 40 minutes until the shark left.


Image Source: stephanieschuttler.com

8Beavers rescued an orphaned boy

A young boy, Rheal Guindon from Ontario, Canada suffered a tragedy when he lost his parents on a camp trip. His parents decided to go for fishing into the river but Rheal was on the shore from where he saw his parents drowning after the boat got tip over. He tried to reach the nearest town but as it got dark, he decided to spend his night outside.

Beavers rescued an orphaned boy

Image Source: animal-photos.ru

He felt it was a dog

As he was lying on the ground, he felt as if something furry is pressing against him. He thought that it must be a dog and slept but when he woke up in the morning, he found three wild beavers lying beside him. Those wild beavers saved him by providing him heat when it was too cold and the temperature must have gone down to zero.

Group of Beavers

Image Source: bbci.co.uk

9Elephant saved a baby from Tsunami

In 2004, an Elephant saved an 8-yr old girl whose name is Amber Mason from tsunami. The elephant took the girl on a higher level after keeping the girl on its back and not just saved the girl from drowning but also created a protective cover for the girl.

Elephant doing showering

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