9 Times Wild Animals Saved Lives Of Humans

4Three lions saved a girl

A 12-yr old Ethiopian girl was abducted by seven kidnappers in the year 2005. She was in their hold for almost a week during which she was beaten and was even forced to marry one of them. While the police was looking for the girl, the kidnappers were made to run by the lions.

Three lions saved a girl

Image Source: pikabu.ru

Lions took care of the girl

Lions remain there with the girl until the police arrived and ensured girl’s safety until they were sure that she was in safe hands. Surprisingly, the lions didn’t harm the girl; a wildlife expert says that lions didn’t harm the girl because her voice of crying sounded them as a voice of a cub.


Image Source: dnaindia.com

5A toddler was saved by Gorilla

In 1996, a 3-yr old boy was saved by a female gorilla after he fell down in a gorilla enclosure and suffered injury in the Brook field Zoo, Chicago. The name of the female gorilla was Binit Jua and she not only protected the boy from other gorillas but also carried him for 60 meters to hand him over to the medical staff for treatment.

Western lowland gorilla, UK

Image Source: .panda.org

6A deer saved a woman

In February 2012, an incident took place in Oxford, Ohio in which a woman was saved by a deer. The woman was returning from a party at around 1:00 am, while she was walking, she was hit by a man who pulled her into the field and tried to grab her purse.

A deer saved a woman

Image Source: latercera.com

Deer got startled

At that time, a deer was sleeping in the field. As the deer heard the commotion, it stood up and ran which instilled fear in the robber and he also ran leaving the woman over there. She returned to the party and called the police but was not able to tell them how the man looked.

A deer saved a woman

Image Source: forbes.com


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