9 Times Wild Animals Saved Lives Of Humans

Many times we have heard about incidents in which pet animals have saved the lives of their parents or owners but we rarely get to hear about wild animals saving humans. In fact, there will be good number of stories which talk about how wild animals harm humans but in reality there have been instances where wild animals have saved lives of people.


Sounds a little strange but it is true and here are some true stories which make you believe that wild animals can also be kind sometimes:

1 Sea lion saved a person who wanted to give his life

In the year 2000, Kevin Hines was just 19 yrs old but he was suffering from bipolar disorder and depression because of which he took the decision of taking his life. He chose to jump into the river from the popular Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco so that he can lose his life by drowning himself. However, he didn’t drowned as a sea lion kept coming to him and pushed him up multiple times ensuring that his head remains above the water.

Sea lion saved a person

Image Source: marcotaperro.com

He got afraid

, In the beginning, Kevin thought it is a shark and he got afraid but later he realized that it is a sea lion. The sea lion remained with Kevin until the help arrived. Kevin was saved but he broke his back in the accident. After this incident, he started giving motivation lectures and interviews and tried to make people understand the value of their lives.

In the beginning

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2Bear saved a man from a mountain lion

It was on 26th March 2012 when Robert Biggs went for hiking in the forests of Whiskey Flats, California and there he got see a mama bear and her cub. He spent some time just watching the bear and her cub and when he was about to leave, a mountain lion attacked him from behind. However, the mama bear came to Robert’s rescue and saved him, only his arm was injured.

Brown bear roaring in forest

Image Source: disco-api.com

3A famous actor’s life saved by Porpoises

The veteran American actor, comedian, dancer and singer, Dick Van Dyke appeared in a talk show, “The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” in the year 2010 and made a startling revelation that he was once saved by the Porpoises. Dyke told the host that why did he stopped surfing near his home in California.


Image Source: s-nbcnews.com

What actually happened?

Dyke told that he fell asleep one day while surfing and when he woke up, he saw that he is very far from the land. But he could see some fins circling him which he thought to be sharks but they were porpoises and they pushed him until he reached the shore.

What actually happened

Image Source: animalworld.com.ua


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