A Rare Three Eyed Snake Was Just Discovered In Australia And It Looks Cute

Over the past decade or so we have been given news of sightings of weird creatures, many of them of course photoshopped and almost none turned out true. But now, what is certainly not a hoax is a three-eyed snake that was spotted in an Australian Highway by rangers who took photographs and obviously posted it on social media. Since then the three-eyed snake has become a viral sensation because no one has ever seen one.


1An omen or just natural malformation

Many of us look for omens in these times of uncertainty. What better omen than a three-eyed snake that was found in Australia’s Northern Territory in Darwin. It was found on a highway that ran through the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife.

Three eyed snake

Image Source: www.enca.com


2A carpet python with three eyes

The animal that was captured was identified as a carpet python that can grow up to long length almost 2-4 meters long or 13 feet. Carpet pythons are found in Indonesia, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. This particular snake was named Monty by officials who found it in late March. The reptile was only three months old and just 16 inches. Unfortunately, it didn’t survive and died recently.

A carpet python with three eyes

Image Source: reptilario.pt


3Donated to research

In an interview, Northern Territory Parks and Wild Life Ranger Ray Chatto said “It’s remarkable it was able to survive so long in the wild with its deformity, and he was struggling to feed before he died last week,” The body of the reptile has now been donated to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization at Darwin for study.

Donated to research

Image Source: wishtv.com


4The snake had a fascinating cranial malformation

The main reasons that made the snake so fascinating are its weird cranial malformation. It had a third eye that functioned perfectly. The snake was even x rayed to find out more on its weird cranial function and formation. The weird configuration was not the result of two separate heads that were fused together but it had an extra eye socket with a single skull.

NT Parks and Wildlife in their Facebook post wrote that the eye seemed to have developed in the embryonic stage and could not have been the result of environmental factors but it could be a natural malformation that is usually common in reptiles.

The snake had a fascinating cranial malformation

Image Source: pressfrom.info


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