Thousands come together to throw this adorable girl her last Birthday Party


We have all come across at least someone or some family that must be battling a severe disease or is on the verge of losing life to a fierce disease. Across the USA, there are so many adults as well as kids fighting cancer, that it is almost depressing. Take the case of Lila May Schow, for instance. She is a regular five-year-old girl who is as pretty as a button. Interact with her, talk to her and you will never imagine that she has been battling cancer over the last three years. While treatments are on, the doctors are not really hopeful that she will be able to live much longer. When tragedy strikes, families come together strongly and so does the world at large, they say. What really impressed us was the way her family threw a fantastic birthday party as a parting gift. Read to know more.

1 The Facebook Group For Lila’s Birthday Party

This little girl might not ever have a prom or a wedding. She might not live long enough, despite all of us hoping she could! Therefore, her parents set up a special Facebook group for her last birthday party and narrated the story. Thousands of volunteers across the country and the local community of businessmen came together. In a show of sheer love for the little girl, a very elaborate birthday party was organized.

The Facebook Group For Lila’s Birthday Party

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