16 Thought-Provoking Illustrations By Paweł Kuczyński Based On The World Around Us

We don’t often get to see an image that makes us think or question the world around us. There are very few artists who draw to make people think rather than draw to entertain them. One of them is Paweł Kuczyński who is known for his anti-war cartoons and illustrations. He is a Polish-born political art satirist and philosopher whose works will not only get you thinking but also questioning the people in charge.


1A prison called social media

This applies to every social media platform there is today. It could be Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter. We use these social media platforms to live our lives in an imaginary world when the real world is right outside our doors. We see the whole world using these sites when we could experience it for ourselves by just stepping outside.

prison called social media

Image Source: pinimg.com


2What people do for money

This image shows just for far people would go for money. The woman is beating a large currency note the same way we would beat an old blanket to get the dust off. But instead of dust army gear is falling out. Most people who join the army and lay their lives down for their country do not do it willingly. They do it because they need the money.


Image Source: joj.sk


3Childhoods are not the same

Not everyone has the same childhood and it is depicted beautifully here. One child is pulling a toy train while the other is pulling an actual train compartment. This is symbolism for child labor some children have to go through to make it in life due to them being orphans or having poor financial backgrounds.

Childhoods are not the same

Image Source: twimg.com


4Our education system

This is a great illustration showing how one-sided our education system can be. It holds children down while forcing them to learn what it deems is worthy knowledge. There is no imagination left or room to breathe or explore as students. You have to study what is given to you or your life will be wasted.

Our education system

Image Source: alaraby.co.uk


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