This mother took a brilliant step to destroy the stigma round her daughter’s birthmark


Birthmarks are things that give us a unique identity. They are formed during the formation of fetus and become visible usually at birth or after some time.

Birthmarks are usually caused due to overgrowth or cluster of blood vessels, fat, muscle or keratinocytes. Birth marks are of two types, pigmented birthmarks like spots, moles and Mongolian spots and the other type is vascular or red birthmarks like hemangiomas, salmon patches and port-wine stains.

One such baby with a hemangioma faced lots of curiosity and pity from people, so her mom decided to try out a unique way to tell people that what she has is a normal thing and her daughter is the cutest girl in the world.


1 The baby

7 month old Charlie Crenshaw lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her parents and elder brother. Charlie is just like a normal baby, who laughs at moving things, loves to eat stuff and poops a lot. Her mother Katie loves her to death and her brother just adores her.

Charlie was born with a strawberry birthmark or what medically is called a capillary hemangioma on her face. The benign tumor is around 2 inches wide and 2 inches in length. The mark is completely harmless for the baby as it is benign and she is on medication to ensure that it doesn’t grow any bigger and affect her ability to see properly.

The baby

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