This mother took a brilliant step to destroy the stigma round her daughter’s birthmark

Birthmarks are things that give us a unique identity. They are formed during the formation of fetus and become visible usually at birth or after some time.


Birthmarks are usually caused due to overgrowth or cluster of blood vessels, fat, muscle or keratinocytes. Birth marks are of two types, pigmented birthmarks like spots, moles and Mongolian spots and the other type is vascular or red birthmarks like hemangiomas, salmon patches and port-wine stains.

One such baby with a hemangioma faced lots of curiosity and pity from people, so her mom decided to try out a unique way to tell people that what she has is a normal thing and her daughter is the cutest girl in the world.


1 The baby

7 month old Charlie Crenshaw lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her parents and elder brother. Charlie is just like a normal baby, who laughs at moving things, loves to eat stuff and poops a lot. Her mother Katie loves her to death and her brother just adores her.

Charlie was born with a strawberry birthmark or what medically is called a capillary hemangioma on her face. The benign tumor is around 2 inches wide and 2 inches in length. The mark is completely harmless for the baby as it is benign and she is on medication to ensure that it doesn’t grow any bigger and affect her ability to see properly.

The baby

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2 What is a capillary hemangioma?

Capillary Hemangioma, which is also known as strawberry hemangioma is the most common form of hemangioma that is usually found on new born babies. These kinds of hemangiomas are like red, lumpy and raised area of flesh anywhere on the body. These birthmarks appear on 10% of all births.


Capillary Hemangioma is more common in girl babies than boy babies and if the babies are underweight, the chances of the baby developing hemangioma increase by 26%. Unfortunately 83% of the hemangiomas occur in the head or the face area.

What is a capillary hemangioma?

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3 The stigma

Though Charlie is a regular and happy 7 month old kid, the hemangioma on her face makes her a subject of curiosity amongst the people who are unfamiliar with the condition and who do not know her. Her mother Katie was worried because despite being a normal kid, people who saw Charlie were ever curious of the hemangioma and just wanted to talk about it.

This upset both Katie and her husband, who just saw their daughter just as a normal kid. People seemed to show pity on the baby for that growth on her face and said things like ‘poor baby’, ‘you should pray’ for the mark to go away.

Katie thought about the reactions from the people and realized that people wanted to take away something from their daughter that made her unique. She then decided to force the stigma that had set on her daughter down, but using her blogging experience.

The stigma

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4 How the mom broke the stigma?

Katie, who is a renowned blogger decided to clarify the situation and quell the curiosity about the hemangioma on her daughter’s face, by publishing a series of blog posts and pictures of her daughter on multiple social media outlets.

She said, “Hold the pity. She’s a healthy baby girl and we are blessed. Her hemangioma is just as insignificant to who she is as a freckle on her arm. You don’t need to mention it, and you don’t need to wish it away.”

How the mom broke the stigma?

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She said that her child didn’t need praying, she needed all the love and support she can get so that she has all the confidence while growing up with the hemangioma. Her post and the pictures have gone viral since she first posted them and she was overwhelmed by the response she got on the post and the pictures.

She said that people show pity to people who look different and she wanted to change that situation.


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