This Man went through 23 surgeries to look like Superman before he was forced to stop

Superhero movies are all about the bad villains and the superheroes fighting for the greater good of mankind in their kickass suits, with eyes that leave lasers behind and swanky wagons that fly off in a flash of a second. If you love them, then you sure have been a superhero fan, and Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, He-Man and Superman are some of your childhood idols. To be honest, at least once in our life we all wished that we could be them. But, have you ever contemplated undergoing a surgery to look like one of your favorite superheroes? We know someone who actually did! Here’s one jaw-dropping story where this man’s love for the superheroes drove him to go under the knife. He got 23 surgeries to look like Superman. Read this crazy story here!

1 Meet Herbert Chavez – The Superman Clone

Herbert Chavez is a 37-year-old man who lives in the Calamba City in the Philippines. He calls himself to be the biggest Superman fan and cannot recall any moment in his life when he stopped wearing the costume. Not just that, he underwent 23 very complicated surgeries to look like Superman; he basically has been trying to copy the look of Clark Kent. If you look at him today, he looks no less than a surgically engineered replica of Superman.

This obsession has driven him to the extent where he has blown a fortune equal to 300,000 Pesos (£4,400) since 1995. Chavez has undergone liposuction, jaw realignment, butt, hips and peck implants, nose jobs and skin whitening treatments to look like his favorite fictional character.

Putting a full stop to Chavez’s spree, the doctors in the U.S. last year refused to perform any more surgeries after he injected himself with poisonous ab-fillers as what he was doing was extremely unsafe and illegal.

Meet Herbert Chavez – The Superman Clone

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