This little boy’s skin falls away even at the slightest touch. Read his painful story

6 For Jonathan, Life Ends At 25!!

Jonathan’s entire family including his 13 year old sister Noemi has reinvented their lives customizing it towards care for Jonathan. For Tina especially, it is an emotional upheaval. At times she can’t bear to see him in such a painful condition. She says “Its hard work seeing your child in pain every day.” She further adds, “You know you’re hurting him and you can’t stop, you have to keep going.”

The mother remains concerned and scared, saying, “Every time a wound doesn’t heal, or there’s a bigger wound, or it gets deeper, you’re always concerned the cancer is going to get in there.”

For Jonathan’s mother, the pain could be equally harsh, knowing that in ten years her little champ will be no more. But for Jonathan, the next ten years mean life and living. He says, “I only have a life-span of 25-years – I’ve already lived over half my life,” “It gives you a new perspective, think of what you do have, think of all the happiness around you, think about all the love.”

“Every day is a battle and every day is a battle won, this is me, it’s how I’m supposed to be so I deal with it.”
That’s Jonathan for you!! Watch this inspiring video of Jonathan Pitre, The Butterfly Boy, who inspires people.


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