This Kazakh village sleeps for weeks. Find out why?

Sometimes source of some of the illness are really not in hands of us humans. Sometimes we don’t even know what is affecting us. One day we can be hale and hearty, but in the next moment something may happen to us which can affect us for a long time.

One such place is Kalachi village of Kazakhstan, where people are plagued with mysterious illness which keeps them asleep for not hours, but days and even weeks.

1 The mysterious happenings

Viktor Kazachenko once fell asleep on his way to nearest town with his wife. The strange thing is that he doesn’t know what made him fall asleep. He is not the only one to experience this sort of phenomenon.

He says that his brain shut off while he was on his motorbike, with his wife. He slept for 6 days, waking up in the hospital. He experienced high blood pressure and severe headaches.

The mysterious happenings

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2 Symptoms of the illness

The village of Kalachi is situated at besides an abandoned Uranium mine of Soviet era. This is being blamed for the mysterious illness suffered for the past 2-3 years.

The person suffering from the illness experiences bouts of dizziness, fatigue, inability to walk or stand up and also memory problems. The first person to suffer this problem was Lyubov Belkova in 2010 and the bouts of sleepiness were repeated 6-7 times. This illness spread soon enough, with dozens of residents falling asleep.

Symptoms of the illness

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