This is how much it cost Apple to manufacture the iPhone 7

The hype over the much awaited launch of the iPhone 7 is yet to die down even as Apple fans worldwide are happily using their new devices. Both models the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus set buyers back by a steep price of $649 for the 32 GB iPhone and $749 for the 128 GB model. The iPhone 7 plus was a $100 extra for both versions.

Most experts are lauding the efforts of Apple in manufacturing yet another marvel of an apple device but has anyone ever wondered how much does it actually cost to make one? Take a look at the manufacturing costs of iPhone 7.

1 The Actual Breakup

Taking into account the price tag it is justified for many to wonder about the manufacturing costs of the devices. CNN money came up with their own break up of costs that reveal individual manufacturing costs of components based upon their own sources of information and here it is.

The Hi tech HD screen

The Actual cost of iphone

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