This is amazing!! New study reveals existence of Alien DNA in humans

If the latest study on DNA is to be taken seriously, then evolution history may have to be rewritten. Did you know that we as humans are now living proof that aliens may exist and how?? Because we have strands of alien DNA which may be existing in our bodies. Weird but true!! Science has proved that 10% of alien DNA in humans exists. Read on to find more about this interestingly weird and somewhat scary discovery.

1 Unidentified DNA Discovered In Human Genome. Is It Possible??

In the latest DNA study, which was published in a Journal named Genome Biology, researchers have discovered something very creepy. While evolution dictates that genes are hereditary and have been passed down from species to species, researchers refute this conventional claim saying new DNA strands have been discovered in the human genome not linked to evolution of species but rather micro-organisms which cohabited the same environment in prehistoric times. So what is this unique DNA existing inside us, alien DNA???

What’s weird about such a revelation is the fact that our bodies have adapted to fragments of RNA which determine our immunity and manner of reproduction. The study identified new viral DNA within the structure of the human genome. Viruses usually infect a human host with DNA made to replicate its own RNA. In simple jargon, Virus enters human bodies through disguised DNA. And the Scientists have found 19 viral DNA which have never been identified or coded till date.

 Unidentified DNA Discovered In Human Genome. Is It Possible??

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