This couple had to make a heart wrenching choice during their 4th pregnancy


Sometimes, the best laid plans can also spring up surprises. No matter how great a plan is, but fate and life can conspire together to ruin it completely or put you in a position where you have to make a very hard decision which can only be proven correct with lots of luck involved in it.

Every plan has unseen twists and turns and have their share of surprises. Most of the times these surprises are unfortunate, but the decisions that are made to deal with those surprises, reveal character, determination and most importantly, belief in something.

Something similar happened to Rohan and Chloe Dunstan, who had planned to have a daughter, when they came face to face with a very happy surprise, which soon turned tragic for them. But their decision in the face of that adversity and their belief that nothing will go wrong, reveal what they were made of and were rewarded with something more happier than they thought.

1 The couple

Chloe Dunstan and Rohan Dunstan, a loving couple from Perth, Australia had been married for 3 years and had a happy family of 3 boys aged 1,2 and 3. They always wanted a daughter to complete their family.

Hence the couple tried to get pregnant one more time and hoped that they would be blessed with a daughter with their fourth pregnancy.

The couple

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2 Their 4th pregnancy

Thankfully Chloe got pregnant again. But this time, there was something different as her abdomen started getting bigger and bigger and just kept growing. She visited her gynecologist, who performed an ultrasound, which to their surprise, showed that Chloe was actually pregnant with triplets instead of one child.

Yes, her fourth pregnancy surprised her with 2 boys and a daughter, someone whom she had wanted all her life and the reason for her to get pregnant for the fourth time. But the ultrasound came with a concerning news for the couple with respect to their children.

Their 4th pregnancy

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3 The complication

The ultrasound showed that the daughter was at severe risk of being still born. Her lungs had not developed properly and her growth inside the womb was hampered.

The parents were given a heart wrenching choice of either losing the daughter, whom they had already named Pearl, as she was not getting any oxygen, or risk the lives of all the 3 babies by delivering the children at 28 weeks.

The complication

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Chloe said,”I do remember briefly considering the alternative of letting her go so her brothers could continue to grow strong and healthy and have the best start in life, but now that she’s here, my heart hurts at the thought of not having her in our lives.”

“Pearl had a PDA in her heart that closed on its own, she had a pulmonary hemorrhage, a minor brain bleed, she fought a horrible infection and there were days we weren’t sure if she would make it, especially the early weeks when she was on a ventilator,” Chloe added.

4 The decision

Chloe decided to have the all the 3 babies at 28 weeks so that she could give a chance to her daughter. Miraculously, all the 3 babies survived but required emergency blood transfusions.

The three kids Henry, Rufus and Pearl all kept fighting and slowly regained health. While Henry and Rufus were allowed to go home after nine weeks, Pearl struggled with her weight as she was under 2 lbs when she was born. The doctors kept her in the hospital for 2 more weeks for her to gain weight and strength.

The decision

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Now Rohan and Chloe are proud parents of 3 older kids and triplets, in total of 6 kids out of which 3 were born prematurely. This may have some ramifications in future, but for now, their family is perfectly healthy and united.

Though the odds were against Chloe and her daughter Pearl, her and Rohan’s decision to give their daughter, someone whom they dreamt of having, a chance to survive speaks for their determination, courage and belief that nothing will go wrong with their daughter.


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