This 3 year old and her Halloween costumes will leave you astonished

Scary, trivial, feisty or sweet, Halloween is the only holiday that offers everyone a chance to play dress up. You get to enjoy your heart out by wearing a costume you wouldn’t get caught dead with and also get treats in return. You can also stay indoors and get creative with a pumpkin. But the best part about October 31st is having no rules and that anything is allowed and everything is possible.

Every parents love taking the chance to dress up there little ones in an awe-inspiring Halloween costume. One such mother decided to pump up her 3 year old in wacky costumes and take pictures of the adorable kid. That kid is Willow, a 3 year old cutie who has caught Instagram with surprise after her mother started posting some images of her dressed as various pop culture icons all over the net, especially on Instagram.

Willow’s mother is Gina Lee who is a professional photographer and last year she declared October as dress up Willow month. She posted photos of Willow dressed up as various characters from TV and movies.
She has become famous with over 50 thousand followers on her mother’s account.

Here are some images of Willow dressed up as various characters to make your Halloween worth it.


1 Willow on gilligan’s island

This image shows her cutely dressed with a friend of hers as the characters of the popular 1970s-80s sitcom Gilligan’s Island. She is seated in a boat ready to be saved from the clutches of the island.

Willow on gilligan’s island

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