10 Things You Need To Avoid Doing Before Visiting A Doctor

7Avoid using deodorant before a mammogram

Deodorants contain small metallic substances in its composition which is why using it before a mammogram is strictly prohibited. The main reason for this is because these metals can easily be mistaken for calcifications and be taken as a sign of cancer development, during the procedure. In addition to the results being wrong, it will also make you panic, worried, and become nervous unnecessarily.

Avoid using deodorant before a mammogram

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8Before a pap smear, don’t use any lubricants, creams, or tampons

One of the most important tests for determining the health of female organs is a pap smear. It has been recommended by doctors to take this test every 3 years. However, the study zone is an extremely sensitive area which is very irritable to external factors. As such you need to follow certain rules before getting a pap smear:

  • Don’t use any spermicides for 48 hours before a smear.
  • For 72 hours before the smear, don’t make vaginal douches.
  • Don’t apply lubricants and creams 48 hours before your pap smear.
  • Avoid inserting tampons for 48 hours before the pap smear.
Before a pap smear

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9Before a colonoscopy, don’t eat red food

The outcome of the test or analysis will be affected if you eat natural red food. This is because it can color your colon which will result in a wrong diagnosis. One week before your colonoscopy test, avoid eating these foods- red candy, red licorice, tomatoes, tomato sauce, cranberries, and beets. However, this doesn’t mean that it is alright to consume products of a different color before going for the test or to the doctor. Eat only clear, liquid foods the day before this medical procedure.

Avoid red food before colonscopy

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10Don’t make changes in your daily schedule

It takes a certain amount of time for your body to adapt to new regiments due to the fact that your body is generally a stable system. This can be understood from the universal rule which travelers use when they fly from one time zone to another- “flying just one-time zone over will require about 2 days of recovery”.


When you go to bed an hour later than usual, your body begins experiencing stress which affects its general condition and its different indices. This is even applicable to other natural processes such as water consumption, stress levels, and nutrition.

Make changes in your daily schedule

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