10 Things You Need To Avoid Doing Before Visiting A Doctor

4Before a cholesterol test don’t drink alcohol

Alcohol like beer and spirits are generally considered to be cholesterol-free. But, they have a high sugar-content along with substances called carbohydrates which cause a sharp spike in your cholesterol levels. While your cholesterol levels will return to normal, the doctor might receive an incorrect report indicating higher levels.

Before a cholesterol test don’t drink alcohol

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5Don’t browse or surf the Internet before your visit to the ophthalmologist

Due to prolonged use of gadgets you can experience constant eye-strain, which can indicate a serious condition requiring special attention. Your eyesight can become worse than it already is because of using gadgets for several hours until your eyes rest.


You will need to show your best result when you go to the ophthalmologist for a medical certificate for work or driving school. Eye-strain can be indicated by many symptoms like:

  • Headaches
  • Burning or itching eyes
  • The feeling that you cannot keep your eyes open
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Increased sensitivity to light

If you do have any of the above mentioned symptoms, then postpone your visit to the ophthalmologist for some time to let your eyes rest and heal so that you can get a more accurate result.

Before your visit to the ophthalmologist

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6Before visiting the dermatologist, don’t get a mani-pedi

More than 3,000 diseases are diagnosed and treated by dermatologists. A doctor will examine your skin as well as your nails, during a full examination. This is because most fungal infections are located in your nails. This makes it absolutely necessary for your nails to be in its natural state for the doctor to examine thoroughly. Disease of other organs can even cause changes in the nails, and this indication can only be seen if your nails are in their normal state.

Before visiting the dermatologist

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