16 Things You Can Only Find In China That Will Leave You Puzzled

11Energy to you and your device

Yes, those are regular Snickers bars and yes, those are batteries included. If you’re wondering why they would include batteries in a pack of Snickers bars don’t worry, we’re wondering the same. This is a way to get yourself boosted up along with energy to your electronics. We have to say this is a great pack and we wish this was introduced everywhere else.

Image Source: www.universopop.net

12Hot and spicy beef candies

We all know the meme that China is known for its absurd foods and flavors and this is another example of that. Although hot and spicy beef candies are something we wouldn’t mind tasting and we have to admit, we are salivating at the idea of how it tastes.

Image Source: informativa.ba

13Wet bathrooms

This has been said to be a hygiene related thing as all the bathrooms have wet floors even if the shower and bathtubs are dry. This is because the floors are usually walked on with bare feet and they might get dirty. So, went in the bathroom our feet get wet and in a way, they get washed.

Image Source: izismile.com

14New houses in China are windowless

Yes, believe it or not, but new houses in China are reportedly sold without windows. This means that the houses have places for windows to be fitted in but do not come pre-fitted with windows and the owner of the house can choose the type of window they would like to have in their new house.

Image Source: vseznaesh.ru

15The Chinese Rainbow Mountains

This is one of the few geological wonders of the world that has baffled scientists as they look like they’re from a different world and not like anything found on earth. It looks like tons of paint was thrown down these beautiful mountains to give them the type of color that mimics the rainbow.

Image Source: www.okchicas.com

16Hire a person to go to jail for you

What is the wildest thing you can imagine your country having that other countries don’t? A get out of jail free card? Yes, in China if you belong to the well-off class of citizens you can hire a person who will confess the illegal crimes you have committed and will serve the jail sentence that will be sentenced by the judge or jury. This is called “ding zui”.

Image Source: yukepo.com

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