16 Things You Can Only Find In China That Will Leave You Puzzled

6Warm water 24×7

Chinese people believe a lot in the healing properties of hot water so you’ll easily find many stations where people can fill up on hot water. This is a cultural thing and can be found in many parts of China. You’ll normally see a long line of people here waiting for their turn to fill up on hot water.

Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

7Resourceful people

You should never forget that Chinese people are very resourceful and can make the best out of any situation. Case in point, look at this image, this man needed a break and decided to just rest in his trolley. The best thing about this is he isn’t sleeping on the pavement and obstructing the people around him.

Image Source: boomchinaboom.com

8Eating out

If you want to own a business in China, start a restaurant. Many reports have claimed that most Chinese families like eating out with their guests rather than inviting the guests to their home. This has been said to be even cheaper than preparing a meal at home for the guests.

Image Source: itvnet.lv

9Never cut a pear

When eating any fruit we usually cut it from the center even if we are having it ourselves. But in China, the one fruit you should never cut is the pear. You’re supposed to have this fruit whole and just the way it is. That is because, in China, the pear is a symbol of friendship and affinity and cutting it is a sign of disrespect.

Image Source: itvnet.lv

10Diet water

Yes, in China they have something called Diet Water. We’re not sure what nutrients we might find in this water and why it’s called diet water. This is one of the stranger products you’ll find in China and something that will make tourists scratch their heads in puzzlement. We also wonder what it tastes like.

Image Source: upyourgardenpath.com

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