16 Things You Can Only Find In China That Will Leave You Puzzled

China isn’t just the most populated country in the world but also one of the most important ones. China had emerged as one of the world’s earliest civilizations and throughout history saw some of the most advanced technologies being created or started here.


Today, China is a technological hub and a buzzing and bright country. It is a great place to visit for your vacations but did you know China does a few things differently than other countries. From windowless houses to TVs in the toilets, China has some really weird things that you will not find in any other country or any other place, anywhere in the world.

1Rent a partner

Are you tired of hearing your relatives and parents constantly ask you about your love life and why you don’t have one? Are you tired of asking your friends to pretend to be your lover at family gatherings? Well, if you lived in China you could easily rent a handsome guy or a beautiful woman to pretend to be your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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2Protect your skin

You must be wondering why these two women are wearing those masks on a beach. The reason behind those masks is that Chinese people love their pale facial skin and don’t like getting tanned. This is where those masks come in handy. They may look odd and attract a bit of attention but you will not get tanned.

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3Spitting and burping

Spitting in public places is forbidden in many places and it is understandable. It is gross and disgusting but in China, there are some places where you cannot burp or spit. Spitting is understandable as it is a voluntary action but burping? You have no control over that and if you accidentally let out one then you will be looked upon with judgemental eyes.

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4Toilets with TV

You must have heard about some really weird and amazing toilets from around the world but have you heard about the one with a flat-screen TV? Well, in China, these things exist and are found even in public toilets. This is one way of discouraging people from using their phones in the toilet but we wonder how long do people just sit there?

Image Source: www.asiaone.com

5You don’t tip in China

If you are reading this from any country in the world except China you may know that tipping in restaurants is generally a good thing and it is most appreciated. But in China, this is taken to be insulting and something not promoted. You should remember to never do this in any restaurant while visiting China.

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