13 Crazy Things Which Are Considered Normal In Few Countries

Every country has its own culture and traditions which are quite different from rest of the world but there are some practices which are considered normal in one country but strange in other countries. To be honest, this is what makes this world a wonderful place to live otherwise won’t it be boring if every country practices the same rituals, traditions and cultures. Today we are going to share with you some of those practices which are normal in one country but strange in others, however, if we miss any practice, do let us know and we will soon update the list.


1Voting in Australia is compulsory

Voting in elections is not just a right of the citizens of the country, in fact, it is their duty as well and in Australia, it is compulsory to vote for those citizens who are above 18 yrs of age, otherwise, the person who didn’t cast his vote will be asked to pay a fine. Yes, you heard it right, if an Australian fails to vote in the elections without a genuine reason, then it is a crime under the section 245 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 and the person will need to pay $20 as fine.

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2Driving in Egypt is not easy

Majority of us will find it difficult to drive in the cities of Egypt as people drive the way they want as they don’t follow traffic rules. If you are on the road then you need to keep a check on all the sides as people drive in any direction as they want, this definitely causes traffic jams and delays in reaching the destinations but it is highly unlikely that a rash driver will be made to pay penalty or his license will be revoked by traffic police.

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3Six people on one bike

As per the traffic norms, more than two people on a two-wheeler is illegal in almost each country of the world but in Pakistan, a sight like this in which six people are sitting on one bike is quite normal as nobody is afraid of breaking traffic rules. In fact, such sights can also be visible in some other developing countries as well.

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4Marrying the tree

It is quite difficult to believe but there is a strange tradition in India as per which a girl has to marry a tree if she is suffering from mangal dosh as per astrology. It is believed that if a girl has mangal dosh in her horoscope then after marriage her husband’s life can be get into a  threatening situation, so in order to pass on that bad effect on the tree, the girl is married to the tree first and then she can marry a human. The tree is cut down and burned after marriage with the girl.

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